1981 - Mr Hoyez Christian intervenes in a company in the Thionvillois basin on behalf of a Parisian subcontracting company. He performs all types of preventive and cura-tive maintenance work.However, given the evolution of the subcontracting policy, the opportunity then arose for him to create his own company with the guarantee of obtaining annual maintenance contracts within this same company.

1983 March - Created under the name "Mecanique Generale Hoyez" by Mr Hoyez Christian, the company specialized in industrial maintenance.

1985-1989 - "Mecanique Generale Hoyez" moves to Terville (Moselle). Mr Hoyez hires 2 employees to support him because the work was growing fast.

1989-1995- "Mécanique Générale Hoyez" move to Yutz (Lorraine) and the staff went up to 12 employees.

1995-1999 - "Mécanique Générale Hoyez" move to Hombourg-Budange (Moselle).

1999 - "Mécanique Générale Hoyez" move to Foetz, Luxembourg.

2009- "Mécanique Générale Hoyez" become "Luxmeca" and move to Ehlerange, Luxembourg. The company is actually counting 49 employees on the Ehlerange's factory.

2018 - Construction of a second 1000m2 mechanical workshop on the Elherange site.