Machining, what is it about?

Machining is a set of techniques for manufacturing mechanical parts. The purpose of these techniques is to build a desired part by removing material from the workpiece, thanks to a machine tool. The result is a specific piece of great precision.

Machining groups all the manufacturing steps of the mechanical parts under the same term. These steps are part of Luxmeca's everyday life. The machining of a mechanical part involves many different techniques, assisted or not by computer.

The principle of machining is to remove material from an element so as to give the raw part its desired shape, using a machine tool. Thanks to this technique, we get parts of a great precision.

When machining a part, material removal is achieved by the conjunction of two relative movements between the workpiece and the tool: the cutting movement (cutting speed) and the feed movement.

Machining is one of the phases of production of a part (production range). It relies on plans with dimensions and on the functions of all surfaces of the part to be made. These functions will make it possible to define the tolerances and the final dimensions of the part as well as the roughness of the required surface. The shapes of the surfaces to be machined can be flat or rounded, it is the customer and the end user who defines it. Milling and turning are the main machining techniques, made with many CNC machines.

Machining combines a large number of material removal manufacturing techniques such as milling and turning. These techniques can be used on almost any type of material.

The different machining processes

There are many different machining processes. Each technique has its own particularities and different final renderings. The main processes are milling and turning.


Milling is a machining process by which material is removed. In order to carry out this method, a milling machine is used. Material removal takes place in the form of chips during milling. It should be known that this technique is performed by the combination of two factors: the rotation of the tool that will perform the cut but also the speed of cutting the part.


Turning is also a machining process. Its goal is to get final pieces with cylindrical and conical shapes. The machine performing the cutting of the material is called a lathe. The room is tight and will then turn. The rotation of the part and the speed will combine to allow the removal of material from the part.

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